Donkey Sheep Crew


The Donkey Sheep Collection symbolizes unlikely friends connected through love.  Whether it be a different species, religion, race, culture, heritage; there is one common thread that connects us all.   That thread is love.   Despite our differences, customs, appearances love is one common force that gives us a feeling of connection with each other.  It transcends language barriers.  It bonds strangers.  It inspires us to give.  This donkey saved this sheep's life from a wolf attack and since that day they have become inseparable best friends.  They go everywhere together.  It is the bond that connects them. 

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This Donkey Sheep Crew fits close to the body.  The material is a soft cotton for added comfort.  Wear it to your local pub while enjoying a frosted mug draft or taking a trip to your local bookstore to pick out your next good read.  

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