Howlin Wolf Crew


The Howlin Wolf Collection is based on the meaning behind the wolfs notorious howl at the full moon.  It is said that the Wolf howls at the moon to thank the great spirit for all of its blessings, to call for the unity & connection of the wolfpack and honoring a the greater force that supports them.  Faith, Unity & Wisdom is the shirts mantra.  Wear it in good spirit and know that you are supported more than you can imagine.

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This Howlin Wolf Crew has the softness you can come to expect from our line.  It is cut with a modern slim fit contouring to the body.  Wear this shirt on a full moon kayak tour.  Pretend to be a wolf wandering off into the woods on the next full moon.  Try a howl at the moon, you might feel the welcome of a wolfpack nearby. 

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