Yang Snapback (White)


This Yang Snapback symbolizes the harmonious forces of nature that are within us all.  The TAO is believed to be within all life including us.   It is the Feminine and Masculine Energies in perfect balance and harmony.   The Feminine Black Yin energy is seen within the Earth and Water, a grounding force, harmonious, nurturing, peaceful, balanced and giving.   As is seen in the stillness of the trees, giving nature of plants providing food, nurturing nature of water to all and the great balance within nature.  The Masculine Yang White Energy is love, creativity, vastness and freedom seen in the openness of the sky, the freedom of the stars, the vibrancy of the sun.   All of us have Yin Feminine and Yang Masculine Energies within us, yet most of us are out of harmony with them.  Nature is a guide to helping us find this harmony and balance within because nature is inherently harmonious.   When we find harmony within and harmony with our environment, life then becomes a peaceful, joyous ride to be enjoyed.

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This white TrustDaMonkey Snapback is a Yang (Masculine Energy) White with the Yin (Feminine Energy) Black.  It can be worn painting your next masterpiece, composing a new piece of music or learning some new break dance moves.  May the hat symbolize free flowing creativity, love, freedom of expression of the white Yang energy with the balancing, peaceful nature of the black Yin energy.