Transform Trucker (Blue)


The Transform Trucker is about transforming any negative false belief about yourself into a true loving belief.  Which is what is actually true.  When we have false beliefs that we are inadequate, limited, superior, inferior we suffer needlessly feeling tension and unease within the body and breath.  When we transform these beliefs into loving true beliefs of what we truly are we feel light, open, free to express ourselves and loving towards others.  We already are enough, limitless and loving.  May the Transform Trucker help to remind you to transform all negative false beliefs into true loving beliefs of who you truly are.

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The Transform Trucker is a one-size fits all adjustable snapback hat with a baby blue front and purple Trust Da Monkey Crest.  Purple is the color of transmuting false to true.   Wear it around town running daily errands or at your kids soccer game.