Love of a Mother V


The Love of a Mother spans all through the animal kingdom all the way to our own mothers love for us.   The way they nurture and care for their children is a special gift that only mothers truly have.  Da Love Uva Mother Collection is to embrace the love Mothers give their young that we all have within us.  Whether you are Male or Female, everyone has both Feminine and Masculine energies within them.  Our feminine energy is grounded, balanced, nurturing, giving, loyal and faithful, may we learn embrace our Mother's Love within us all.   The great Mother Earth is also Mother to us all and provides endlessly expanding species and resources to provide to the planet.  She has the giving heart of every Mother on the planet.   Let us embrace her love today and everyday.  Like the Lotus Flower, we may have been through Muddy Waters is search of a fulfilling life, but when we realize our True Beauty, we all surface above the water as the Beautiful Lotus Flowers we are.

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This Love Uva Mother Deep V-Neck is a Dark Chocolate Color to set our feet in the grounding soil of Mother Earth.  The feel of the shirt is ultra-soft comfort on the skin.   This shirt fits snug and is known to grip around the waist so you may try one size up then you are used to for the right fit.  Great for strolls around your local park, smelling the fresh flowers around your neighborhood and watching butterflies in your backyard.

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