Love Naturally Belly Tee


The Love Naturally Collection represents our natural state of being, giving and receiving love naturally.  When we were children, we gave love freely and accepted it openly.  At some point, our beliefs changed, and we began to distance ourselves from our True Nature of giving and embracing love naturally.  We went into fear, protective mode.   The Love Naturally Collection is a reminder that it is in our True Nature to feel this unconditional connection with each other.   When we give love freely and accept it openly, we feel light and it feels natural.  You will notice that when you distance yourself from others, you feel isolated, alone and may even feel uneasy or pain in your body.  The body is wise and is your allie, it is telling you through this pain and uneasiness to act differently, think differently and ultimately to remember your True Nature as when you were a child, to Love Naturally

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This Flirty Love Naturally Box Tee is great for morning Yoga or going for early Saturday morning coffee at the start of your weekend with a good friend.   Feel light and comfortable in it’s super soft cotton material while you are connecting more deeply with others, a gentle reminder to Love Naturally.



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