Hummingbird Tank



The Hummingbird Collection symbolizes relying on each other.  The Hummingbird migrates from South to North through the Desert of the Western U.S. during springtime.   To migrate along the desert they rely on the thousands of Ocotillo Plants that line the desert for food and the plants rely on the Hummingbirds to Pollinate.   The Hummingbird and Ocotillo Plant have their own independence while also understanding that they are interdependent on each other for survival.   This relationship is a great example for us humans, that we can be independent and also work in harmony with each other, because ultimately we do rely on each other for much more than survival, also for joy, sharing, connecting and supporting one another.

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Talk about comfort, this Hummingbird Tank is super-soft cotton on the skin.  The cut is very fitted around the waist so you may need to get one size up then you usually wear.  Great for walks on the beach, throwing around the frisbee or meeting up with good friends to discuss the great book you are reading.


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