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    As a tribute to the great divine spirit of creation (Tao), we created TrustDaMonkey's "In Harmony Hats".  The customer celebrates this beautiful creative force within all of nature.  Most of all, we dedicate these Hats to being born in the image of the omnipresent creative spirit.  Furthermore, it is living in harmony with this creative spirit that we experience the most joy and ease.  The great teachers of this ancient wisdom explain this.  Hence, it is with great reverence to Paramahansa Yogananda, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra (devout teachers) for spreading this beautiful wisdom to the West. There is a great creative force within all of creation.   While the leaves grow from trees so does hair grow from your head.   While flowers bloom so love is expressed.  Hence, this force surrounds us.   Customers celebrate this creative force as a symbol of appreciation for the beauty it produces .  A celebration of the thousands of colorful bird species, the vast vegetation and flowers, to families, joyful children and the ever growing experience of life on this planet.    Cheers to life!
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    Our Female Clothing line celebrates uniting with the harmonious presence of nature.  Mother Nature known for her unending beauty.   Her blooming flowers, cascading mountains, flowing rivers and vast oceans give you a sense of her magnificence.  The female spirit has a plethora of her gifts.  Gentle, graceful, kind, giving, comforting, nurturing, ever-peaceful only begin to highlight her treasures. You sense the female spirit while gazing amongst the vast landscape that is mother nature.  Our Female Clothing line celebrates the beauty of her spirit! In the busy pace of modern life, we get distracted from the wonder and awe that is nature.  Trust Da Monkey Clothing reminds you to look inside yourself.  Then look outside to appreciate the presence of creation.  In doing so, you connect with that creative spark of nature within you!  The simple exercise of being the presence of nature is a beautiful experience available to you always!
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    Like the children we were born, our true nature is to be free without any judgement, naturally giving and receiving love.  Our True Nature is peaceful, joyous, calm and accepting.  The Pinecone Collection, celebrates the return to our True Nature, as we remember how to live freely, easily, joyously, peacefully as we did as children.  This is our True Nature, when you find this state we see how natural it is and all stresses and worries are just the bodies way of telling us to return to this place, where we began.