The Message

Monkey Business is a clothing line designed to spread a message.  A message about returning to the purest of places, nature. Rediscovering within us again, the harmony that exists within all life and remembering that we are a part of this community of life.  Often in our busy lives we are taken away from nature and distracted by the endless stream of demands and preoccupations of the world we have created and can end up feeling disconnected from this community.  In returning to nature, we find inspiration, connection, peace, and contentment.  The truth is, the entire world is singing but we have stopped listening.  She has a song, a rhythm and it is our natural rhythm.  Her rhythm is graceful.  Her beat is silent and steady as our heartbeat.  It is the love that connects a family of bears, a group of elephants, a herd of buffalo, the harmony that is amongst a flock of birds flying in the morning and a herd of caribou moving together across the land.   It is the love that connects us to all people, all animals and all living things.  It reminds us of what is real.  Mother Nature’s harmony is our harmony and Monkey Business is about rediscovering that harmony within ourselves.

Monkey Business was discovered by listening to my heart.   When I realized that I had grown disconnected from nature and that I needed to return to find peace, to find joy, to be fulfilled.  I feel it is my calling to share this great gift that I am still rediscovering with others.