The Journey and Struggles of Today


It all started 3 years ago with an idea, inspiration, something inside me that said this is what people need and also what I need, to return to nature.  The idea was simple.  Start a clothing line that inspired people to get back to a place that is natural for them, spending time in nature.  What would transpire is something that I would never have even imagined.   A journey into self discovery that could not be predicted, an awakening of a beautiful life that most people including myself are or were to busy to notice.  Its right in front of us every moment, but with the demands of working, paying bills, goals, expectations of the future and one of the most challenging of our time technology.   Facebook, texts, emails we are just inundated with distractions, images, alerts… there are so many things pulling at our attention nowadays its no mystery that many people feel overwhelmed, anxious and less connected.  The struggle is one that one if not all of us face on a day to day basis.   Staying in the moment amidst a constant barrage of distractions calling for our attention, is something real in this day and age, we all face it.  The beauty is we have the choice what we focus on now more than ever.  Though managing that can be a daunting and overwhelming task at times.

I said to a good friend of mine how can I talk about reconnecting with nature or getting back to our true nature our natural way of being, if I am still struggling with it.  He said, the thing is most of us are facing it, so just reaching out and letting people know they are not alone in their struggles for balance and peace of mind in this day and age.  Its fine if you’re struggling with it because so is everyone else.  So the journey continues, I will post more about the journey I’ve personally been on of self discovery in later posts.  Three years ago I started Monkey Business.  This is a post at our first photoshoot ever with the first two shirts we released. Its the Donkey and Sheep and Hummingbird Tees.   Check out the shirt descriptions on the site, if you like to know more about the meaning behind each shirt because Monkey Business has always been about the message first ahead of the clothing.

Thank you for all your support these years.